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Roof finials installed on property in Southampton

Wow where to start and what to say about this fantastic set of photos sent in from a customer that was renovating their property in Southampton and wanted to create a feautre using roof finials. There are several roof dragons, fleur de lys and obelisk on other parts of the ridge line to add architectural detail and interest to the roof and turn the roof into a nice eye catching feature

The property itself is a large brick built structure with several roof elevations tiled with plain tiles, roof finials, hole crested ridges and cocks comb ridges. The building even has it’s very own castle tower!. There are many other details such as the vertical wall tiles, decorative windows, keystones and gargoyle statues that give it real character. The photos show the work in progress with the scaffolding up and finished installs

It showcases some really nice pieces that we are able to produce but this is just the tip of the iceberg because we can produce traditional finials in all manner if shapes, sizes and style to suit many different kinds of tastes. We can also produce the roof finials in terracotta, black, grey and brown so they are tailored to your needs. The pieces that are produced are excellent quality and weather the same as normal roof coverings so the pieces featured in this collection will weather naturally and gracefully and it will enhance the look even more as the roof weathers and moss and lychen grow naturally on the tiles

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