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Ridge dragon installed on extension roof

This set of photos was sent in by a customer that was renovating their property in Tiptree, Essex. Their home is extended to the front and they was looking for a decorative ridge finial to decorate the gable end roof elevation on the extension. They opted for a traditional style ridge dragon because they were able to source slate for the roof and some nice reclaimed terracotta hole crested ridge tiles from a reclamation yard. They needed something to create a feature on the gable end and also that would be in keeping with the ridges and the theme of their property

The property itself features some lovely features, it is brick built with slate roof and ridges. It has smaller details that add character and interest such as the wooden cladding on some of the walls to give nice colour variation and on the roof sited close to where the dragon is installed is a fantastic cupola with a copper eagle weathervane. A special mention also goes to the gothic styled windows which although are modern double glazing are arched with a distinct gothic theme. The dragon ties nicely into the gothic theme because they are similar in design to gargoyles, grotesques, wyverns, griffins which feature in gothic architecture

The customer is really delighted with the end result because the dragon is quite a focal point as when you enter via the driveway attention is drawn to it and the cupola. The dragon has the backdrop of the house behind it and is overlooking the drive\courtyard area

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