About Us


Ridge Dragon is based in South East, UK designing, making, & supplying ridge dragons, gargoyles & finials

Enhance your home by adding originality to your roof, and in turn, the skyline with one of our traditional ridge roof finials. Choose from our range of ridge dragons, gargoyles, or finials, or our reclaimed roof dragons and roof finials. Add architectural interest, to the appearance of your roof

Our ridge dragons will fit most roofs and are ideal for period properties, cottages, restoration projects, vestibules, porches, dormers, garages, barn conversions, feature roofs, new or old roofs. All will benefit from our decorative ridge roof dragons, gargoyles and finials. We are able to reproduce damaged finials to match existing roof details with a charge for the mould and the reproduced finial. We have been handcrafting a small range of ridge roof dragons, gargoyles, decorative roof finials for some seventeen years. We have been mainly supplying the trade, but can now offer you the opportunity to buy direct from us at Ridge Dragon. In the 1800's ornate ridge roof finials were traditionally fitted to most gables for those that could afford to provide originality. We offer a small range of ridge dragons, gargoyles, and finials, on angled and half round ridge tiles to suit most roofs

Please also see our reclaimed finials for second hand ridge roof dragons and ridge roof finials, also please view our customer's pictures section to see our ridge roof finials fitted to customer’s roofs, and in situ. Ridge Dragon is continuing to preserve English traditions with our range of decorative roof dragons, gargoyles, and finials which will add character to your home and ward off any unwanted vibes. Our ridge dragons are hand cast from our own developed reconstituted stone formula, terracotta in colour throughout. They are then distressed to give that final aged antique look just like the original ridge roof finials. In my experience you get what you pay for, lightweight, and with good proportions. Our finials are priced to reflect that they are hand crafted, hand finished, distressed, traditional in design, with a quality & finish only available only from us at Ridge dragon. Our roof finials are frost proof & will last a lifetime, and Ridge Dragon have been the roofer contractor's first choke for many years, and we have supplied roof finials all over England & around the world

Ridge Dragon first company to rekindle the Victorian concept of concrete decorative roof detail!