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Update 17/07/24: Please allow in general approx. 4-6 weeks lead time from ordering to receive the order. For multiples, larger items and special order items such as the dragon chimney pots and check lead time on product listing or contact us regarding availability

Segmental ridge finials

segmental ridge tiles.jpg_1

This is the segmental ridge finials category where you will find the complete range of finials that we do on a segmental ridge profile

Most segmental ridge finials come on 17.5"-18" length ridges. There are dragons, gargoyles, wyverns and traditional finials available in the range to suit a range of tastes and preferences. They are ideal for replacing broken finials, restoring lost detailing on the roof or for adding an ornate, decorative feature to the roof. They can be used on older roofs with traditional clay roof tiles or slate as well as modern roofs with concrete roof tiles and pretty much anything in between

All include delivery to UK Mainland

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