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Ridge dragon on the roof Herstmoncouex

This collection of photos was sent in by a customer that was renovating their property in Herstmoncouex in East Sussex. They were replacing the entire roof because the existing roof was in a sorry state of repair. They wanted a decorative finial to decorate the hip end section of the roof as most of the other properties in the street had ornate roof finials

They opted for an emperor winged dragon finial because it is a grand piece with excellent detail and features. The property is brick built and the customer had the roof finished with slate and terracotta ridges tiles and of course the fantastic dragon finial as the end piece. The roofer has done a good job of installing it so it overlooks the hip end and has run the ridge tiles back from the dragon to the chimney stack and from the chimney stack along the length of the ridge line

The property really looks the part with the finished slate roof and dragon finial and a special mention goes to those fantastic chimney stacks with the old barrelled chimney pots. On some roofs the roofers will use a course of ridge tiles or bonnet tiles for the hips. In this case the roofer has done a fine job with the lead work on the hips and around the chimney and in actual fact because it has been done this way attention is drawn more to the ridge dragon and the lovely chimney stacks so it really does highlight the important and period features on the roof

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